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Adult Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services ( PRP )

This program is designed to help you re-establish certain living skills after experiencing a 

mental health episode.  The emphasis is toward independence in the community with certain therapeutic

therapeutic supports. This service is client-centered in that you decide which issues will

be addressed in treatment.  The staff are advisors/educators whose purpose is to help 

restore your functioning.

There are two services available for psychiatric rehabilitation.

One service is called On Site   Day Program PRP ( psychiatric rehabilitation program ).  This program offers group sessions three  half

days weekly.  Our transportation service brings you to and from the center ( Aberdeen only)  The program starts at 10 am with a check-in session and then you attend one of two possible groups. The groups address a treatment goal of yours and the others in attendance.  Group topics include anger management, medication education, communication, mental illness, home finances, public transportation, pre-vocational planning, nutrition, leisure hobbies, and so on.  Then a lunch is provided in-house or you go to a nearby restaurant.  Finally, once or twice each week there is a community excursion before being driven home. There is no cost to you because your Medicaid insurance covers these expenses.

The Off-site ( Community Support ) PRP provides in-home service combined with community excursions for shopping assistance, leisure events ( bowling, billiards, movies, dining out, hiking, etc. ), health-care appointments, SSI appointments, and so forth. A rehabiltation counselor will visit you 6 times monthly, or around two times each week for two hours total.  Usually, one visit is a brief, 1/2 hour , visit, while the second visit is one and one half hours for a community excursion.  Some trips will be with another client to introduce you to new people.  The program pays for your activity.  There is no cost to you. Medicaid covers these expenses.

Certain participants may prefer to be in both programs, if warranted. This is decided when you start services.

To qualify for PRP, you must be under the care of a licensed mental health therapist and/or a psychiatrist. They will complete a referral form ( download on page one here ) now and every 3-6 months when you are reauthorized for services. Certain mental illness diagnoses are required as noted on the referral form.

You will be contacted for a screening interview, and then an  intake packet is completed during the next several visits  to get you approved and started in the PRP within a few days.